Violence against Women and Children

Bangladesh is the 9th populated and one of the poorest countries in the world and its estimated prevalence rate of violence against women and adolescent girls is extremely high which, in turn, is ‘an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace” due to a lack of reliable base-line surveys, the exact number of women and adolescent girls affected by violence is unknown. More then 50% women’s and adolescent girls are violated and neglected the physically, mentally on exploitation, abuse by our male (WHO research report). Deeply embedded in cultural and socioeconomic practices, violence against women is sanctioned by both society and the state, in the name of culture, tradition and Islamic religion. Despite the existing legislation prohibiting violence and discrimination against women, several police and newspaper reports and hospital statistics indicated the widespread increase in violence against women in Bangladesh (States News Service, January 25, 2011), including domestic violence, rape, acid-throwing, dowry-related violence, fatwa-instigated violence and sexual harassment in the workplace. These all contribute to the exploitation, deprivation and oppression of women in Bangladesh, and are violations of the fundamental Human Rights. Most of the women’s of this percent are neglecting by male in the rural community and male community groups deem that they are right for this violence work towards women’s.

Adolescence and Youth groups Ongsho Foundation has been providing the free cost legal Aid support for the poor women especially for victim’s adolescence. As well as Ongsho Foundation are linking with different society group to obtain this service for victims like Govt. and other NGOs which provide available service. Advisor of Ongsho Foundation is ensuring the service for beneficiaries

To reduce violence against women’s, the proposed activities are an integrated program initiative to overcome the challenges and problems of the community and to address their needs and demands. Ongsho Foundation initiated multi-faceted activities to improve knowledge for reducing women’s violence vulnerabilities and support availability, access to quality services among community group. The project initiative, major components focus on reducing vulnerability which aims to enhance community groups sensitize and creation livelihood based activities for extremes and neglected women’s. Ongsho Foundation will be created of local level network of man and women boys and girls; build-up capacity of local women on gender based violence; asset transfer among violence women’s to increase their capacity and economical empowerment; sensitizing the community groups on women’s violence to reduce vulnerability.

To decrease this situation and enhancing women’s empowerment and leadership, Ongsho Foundation expected, and could be ensured women’s human rights based activities especially economically, socially, and politically.