Support to Homeless and Poorest Children (SHPC)

Funding supported MYSHA Children’s Fund, USA & Ongsho Foundation

There are over 60 million children in Bangladesh. That’s more than the entire population of the United Kingdom. Although Yet children in Bangladesh face a range of difficult issues that hamper their survival and development, and prevent the full realization of their rights.

There are multiple challenges facing of our children in Bangladesh like: Children living on the streets, 13 per cent of children are involved in child labor. Child laborers are frequently denied an education and are vulnerable to violence and abuse. Bangladesh has one of the lowest rates of birth registration in the world. This makes it difficult to protect children from trafficking, child labor and child marriage. Only 80 per cent of students enrolled in grade one complete primary school. Only 46 per cent of boys and 53 per cent of girls attend secondary school. The children of poor families cannot attend school due to school timing as it hinders their participation in economic activities.

Ongsho Foundation is implementing well-timed project for supporting the Homeless and Poorest Children to protect their life. Initial period, Ongsho Foundation Seeks homeless and poorest children who are living unprotected stage and suffering and facing multiple problems and involve with hazardous working. Ongsho Foundation enrolled their name and details with help of community. Need based provide the legal support and linkage with safety-net, different society group and rehabilitate for fulfill their rights. Linkup with school teachers to educate the dropped out children who can’t enroll with Government/NGOs school and organized event/festival day and distributed foods, cloth, health check-up, psychosocial activities, etc.