Social Linkage & Outsourcing Program

Ongsho Foundation has been implementing a well-timed social linkage program. The aim of Social Linkage program is to help ex-offenders access appropriate training, education, and employment and other social issues for the students, poor people, children who are require. A man, students, children and other people who needs emergency service, Ongsho Foundation links with appropriate person, business and office and try to provide service to solve their problems. Volunteers of Ongsho Foundation always ready to provide service, first of all they are keeping case study and seeking outsource and provide the service.

  • Individual Guidance & Placement services to those referred by the Probation Service
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Community Return Resettlement Support
  • Community Service Support

Ongsho Foundation has been providing the various skilled development activities for youth generation for creating livelihood as result they are acquiring jobs/works and involving among with different sectors.