Integrated Health and Nutrition Project (IHNP)

Health & Nutritional status of the household members

In most of the national and international health and/or nutrition survey, young children and mothers are commonly addressed. This is because they are most vulnerable groups regarding these issues. Malnourished children are much more vulnerable than malnourished adult due to their inability to cope with morbidity. Good health and nutritional status of mothers is crucial for the children as well as for herself. Besides good nutritional status of all age people also important for their healthy and productive life.


Ongsho Foundation has been implementing the Integrated Health and Nutrition Project (IHNP) among extreme households for increasing the health and nutrition development supported by MYSHA Children’s Fund, USA. There are different types activities have been implementing for mother and children. The following activities are implementing among the targeted beneficiaries.

  • Community Sensitization orientation- Participants # 30 for each batch
  • Training for Adolescent- Schooling and Non-Schooling groups-Participants # 250
  • Orientation for Children’s Mother, Total 500 participants or 20 batches
  • Refresher orientation for Adolescent- Schooling and Non-Schooling groups-Participants # 250
  • Life Skills Education on Adolescent Reproductive Health – Participants # 250
  • Follow-up Meeting with Community support group- Participants # 30 for each batch
  • Motivate to adolescent girls and mother for rising savings (Pushti Bank)
  • Motivational activities for pregnant mother (ANC & PNC service & information), personal hygiene
  • Promotion of Medical camp

Project Outcome:

Beneficiaries of the project are well-known their personal hygiene, five danger during pregnancy, adolescent girls and mothers are savings money in their Pushti/savings bank, community group of the working area are more motivated and developed community support system, increase their accountability, increased knowledge of adolescent girls about reproductive health and life skill.