HR Management

Process & Plan:

The following process and plan maintains for HRD Management:

  • Organize planning Workshop with Advisory, Executive Committee members as well as senior level staffs.
  • SWOT analysis among employees.
  • Review the organizational policy
  • Conduct the meeting with different type stakeholders of the partner & donors.
  • Seeking and identifying the scope of works as per policy
  • Activities set up one by one at the basis of probable funding sources
  • Mid and short term plan for field operation
  • Ensure the participatory approach and share important information with relevant persons.

Job description:

The organization provide the job description for all staffs and preserving all documents and annually need based it is reviewed.

Reports & Evidence System:

Ongsho Foundation develops the following reports & evidence as bellow:

  1. Technical reports
  2. M&E reports
  3. Financial reports
  4. Events/Progress reports
  5. Annual Reports of the organization
  6. Project Annual Reports
  7. Project Closing Reports
  8. Need based other reports

Staff Evaluation:

The following strategies were taken for staff evaluation and development:

  • Monthly Time Sheet and performance Report analysis.
  • Make a program operation guideline.
  • Regular monitoring feedback share with Relevant staffs.
  • Monitoring Format develop for individual projects.
  • Field visit, performance monitoring & reporting.
  • Capacity building interventions are taken for staffs.
  • Emphasis for developing the weak staff by orientation.
  • Provide staffs facilities in time.

SWOT Analysis:


  1. Executive and Advisory body
  2. Good Reputation with Donors and Government & Community acceptance
  3. Transparency, Integrity and accountability


  1. Organizational and Employees Capacity Building
  2. Fund sources


  1. Staff and Volunteers
  2. Office and IT related resource
  3. Books and Library


  1. Dropped out of expert employees due to funding limitation.
  2. Political influence and country disfavor political environment.