Career & Skill Development Club

Sustainable Youth Development and Capacity Building through Career & Skill Development Club

This is a sub-grant program for Long Term Partnership for “Sustainable Youth Development and Capacity Building through Career & Skill Development Club” between Ongsho Foundation and SetUP Foundation Bangladesh & New Zealand.

The Career & Skill Development Club or CSD CLUB, the unique initiative of the StepUP Foundation Bangladesh, supported by other International Organizations (Youth International, Concern, Life Skill Coaching, New Zealand, etc.) to bring the concept and sustainable youth development program to our country.

The CSD Club will be formed mostly by the students, for the students, and aims to bring students and the professional industry closer together by offering unique activities, training and events to its members. These activities will give members the opportunity to directly be in contact with highly regarded professionals and simultaneously strengthen their knowledge and skills and to TRANSFORM them as a responsible citizen for success in their education, career and life.

The clubs ambassadors are working as a volunteer’s leader for the CSD clubs. Ongsho Foundation maintaining the communication between the IHQ, NHQ, and Selected Colleges to smoothly implement the project activities.

  1. Organizing Meetings to Learn the Leadership & Communication Skills.
  2. Addressing Career related challenges and way to overcome those challenges by attending workshop & training.
  3. Organizing Career related events including Group discussion, Seminar, Training & Workshop etc.
  4. Organizing Career & Skills Development Competitions.
  5. Attending Youth exchange program in Home & Abroad.
  6. Develop Skills to Work Overseas/Abroad in High Skill Jobs.
  7. Practicing the Skills learn from club activities in day to day life.
  8. Building a Positive Mental Attitude.
  9. Helping other Youth who are in Career Challenge.
  10. Organizing Career & Job Fair for employments.
  11. Transforming them to be a Successful & Responsible Citizen.
  12. Having Positive Awareness on Climate Change & Environmental issues with Disaster Management Skills.
  13. Helping Surrounding Community(s) of their Own Initiatives.
  14. Become a Responsible Citizen for the Country and
  15. Become a True Successful Person and helping others for their success, the same they achieve their Success.