Brief History

Mohammad Mohidul Islam Director & Chief Executive

Mohammad Mohidul Islam
Director & Chief Executive

Ongsho Foundation has been working as a non-governmental, non-profitable, voluntary organization dedicated to promote and ensure a better quality life for the underprivileged people and their rights, especially improving children’s lives by identifying and recognizing extraordinary individuals in needs of our country. Ongsho Foundation is committed to participate in and promote national development through upgrading the socioeconomic condition and promoting and protecting the rights of the disadvantaged, deprived backward and poor communities of the society. It has become a renowned development organization by its dynamic and pro-poor’s oriented continued development efforts and economically utilizing the locally available resources with an integrated and participatory way through bottom up approach. Its children and Young focused organization.

First of all Ongsho Foundation initiated its work right based approach between extreme poor’s such as disadvantage man and women and farmers at rural areas level. Ongsho Foundation already incorporated the child and adolescent and young people activities with its working area, at the moment the organization has expanded various programs for child and young generation with some different ideas and concepts through the assistance of GO and NGOs and communities.

We are working on multiple programs for our children and young people as well as poor’s communities to make their capacity building, livelihood, rehabilitation, empowering knowledge, health and nutrition, education and IT based activities.

Ongsho Foundation is a rising organization and it has great functional and professional relationship with departments of GOB, National and International donor organizations, networking Organizations, as well as poor and marginal communities. Continuation of positive initiatives and efforts of Ongsho Foundation contribute to make a good reputation and nice acceptance to the communities and government.